Layouts and capacities
Theater Classroom U shape Boardroom Cocktail Banquet Cabaret
Room 3.14Surface210 sqmTheater150 *Classroom84U shape44Boardroom34Cocktail190Banquet110Cabaret-
Room 3.14ASurface55 sqmTheater29 *Classroom14U shape14Boardroom20Cocktail46Banquet-Cabaret-
Room 3.14BSurface47 sqmTheater29Classroom14U shape14Boardroom16Cocktail38Banquet-Cabaret-
Room 3.14CSurface116 sqmTheater101Classroom48U shape24Boardroom40Cocktail97Banquet-Cabaret-
* Default layout

The default layout of the room is theatre style. If you wish to have a different layout, please contact our team (for a quote).

No AV equipment included in the room. Contact our team for a quote. AV Pack suggested:  PA System 4 speakers, 2 lectern mics, 2 table mics, 1 handheld mic, audio pc, projector 5000 ansi lumens 4:3 -resolution 1024 x 768 VGA- + support, PC laptop,  Screen 320x240cm, AV technician.

A: 55 m2; B:47 m2; C: 116 m2

gv_cc3_room_3 14 C
gv_cc3_room_3 14 C
gv_cc3_room_3 14 B
gv_cc3_room_3 14 B